Tis the Season

The weather here in North Central Texas is doing its best to convince this Northern girl that it’s anything but late autumn heading toward winter (it was in the 80s(F) last week and is dry as a bone) but that’s not stopping anyone from stringing up lights and setting up inflatable snowmen and reindeer in their front yards, so it must be the time for parties, gifts, good food, family, friends and season’s greetings.

If you’re still searching for cards to send to family and friends check out the Hubble Site, actually check it out even if you’ve already got your cards, they’ve created some truly beautiful and unique cards for download and printing — and better still they are free!

2 responses to “Tis the Season

  1. The cards are lovely – thanks for the link. I love this time of year… I almost enjoy the anticipation and preparations as much as Christmas Day itself!

  2. Hilary & Kenn

    Hello dear- you can always get me with those wonderful Hubble pictures! Hope all is well & that you call us sometime. Love H&K