And the award goes to…

Hello dear friends, it’s time to do a bit of housekeeping on this little blog of mine, blow out the cobwebs, throw open the windows and start spending some more time with you.

A couple of months back Diane at GardenSunshine honored me by nominating me for both the Beautiful Blogger and the Sunshine Awards. Thank you Diane!

Diane describes the The Sunshine Award as a bit like the Oscars – you need to give a little acceptance speech thanking the person who gave you the award followed by a short interview by way of 10 questions and finally you nominate 10 bloggers for the award and let them know they’ve received it. So if I could have a drum roll please…


  1. Favorite drink?
    You can’t beat a Bloody-Mary
  2. Dream vacation?
    Touring around New Zealand in a camper van.
  3. Favorite dessert?
    Hands down the best dessert I’ve ever had is Lavender Cheesecake.
  4. Has an animal ever attacked you?
    Yes and I still have the scars to prove it.
  5. When you wake up, what’s the first thought that runs through your head?
    Who let the dogs out? No, seriously, the first thought that runs through my head is “time to take the dogs out.”
  6. Do you actually believe Alaska is covered in snow?
    Having been born and partly raised in Alaska I can say with great certainty “no, no it’s not.”
  7. What would you be doing right now if you were kicked off your computer?
  8. If you jumped out your bedroom window right now, how injured would you be?
    Not at all as it would be more accurate to say I’d step out rather than jump out.
  9. Do you dance even without music?
    Yep, I’ve been caught more than once or twice, or thrice… oh heck I’ve been caught many times dancing to the music in my head.
  10. One word to describe yourself?

My 10 Sunshine Award nominees are:

  1. Romancing The Bee: The beautiful blog of Deborah DeLong  “an urban beekeeper and English gardener in Cincinnati, Ohio.”
  2. Croft Garden: One of the more exotic blogs I’m a fan of, Christine Johnson shares her adventures in gardening in the Hebrides.
  3. The Pyjama Gardener: A lovely blog that makes me miss life in England
  4. Fariegarden: Stunningly beautiful garden photography and whimsy at its best.
  5. The Zambia Diaries: The contemplations of some dear friends of mine from the UK as they prepare to move to Zambia in 2013.
  6. Arignagardener: My virtual friend Bridget lives in the Arigna valley, about two miles from Arigna village, Ireland. She has three acres of land which she and her partner work in an earth-friendly and sustainable way.
  7. In The Light of the Sun: From the blogger “In the Light of the Sun is an eclectic mix of photographs of Gardening, Backyard Birding, Nature and Wildlife, from an island in the Pacific Northwest.”
  8. The Garden Roof Coop: Another visually captivating gardening blog, this one with chickens too.
  9. Roses and Other Gardening Joys: In her own words, “a garden full of roses and companion plantings in Texas, zone 8. Like other gardeners, I am working to make my garden the paradise of my dreams.”
  10. Southern Rural Route: One of my most ardent supporters in the blogoshere, she shares her gardening journey with veggies, herbs and flowers.

6 responses to “And the award goes to…

  1. I keep rolling my tongue around, wondering what a lavender cheesecake tastes like! Those are some fun questions, and I enjoyed hearing your answers. Thanks for the nomination. 🙂

  2. Congratulations on the nomination and thanks for mentioning my blog! I will certainly go and have a nosey around some of the other blogs you mentioned!
    I’m intrigued about the animal attack… was it a domestic cat or something more exotic? Thanks again x

  3. Yes the one that left the scars is a domestic cat, but I’m had other close encounters with animals 🙂

  4. Hey, is that me at #10? Not sure as I’m a route rather than a root altho I sometimes talk about root crops. Were those the questions you had to answer or did you make up your own questions?

  5. See what I get for trying to be nice, someone picking on my typos — just kidding, thanks for keeping me on the spelling straight and narrow. Of course it’s you. I picked my own questions.

  6. Those were VERY creative questions!