I haven’t been able to implement it yet, but this is a technique I would like to try.

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I spent three years of my childhood in Germany when my father was stationed there in the army.  I have very distinct memories of the allotment gardens people cultivated at the edge of town in little individual rented plots of land, each with its own immaculate garden hut for sitting and enjoying the summer days while drinking beer and thinking about dinner.  One of the things I remember from those astonishingly tidy and productive gardens was that some of them had raised beds made out of old logs with soil on top of them.   They tended to be used for growing strawberries, at least in my memory.   I was interested in strawberries as a child, so maybe they used them for other plants as well but I didn’t notice.

Recently I stumbled across a web page on Hügelkultur, which is a technique of making a raised bed, or Hügel…

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