Forget Invention, Necessity is the Mother of Improvisation!

I’m sorry my dear international friends but this post is completely North American centric.

For several years now I’ve been trying to find something comfortable to wear in the garden during the spring and summer (as you may have guessed I’m not a big shopper, unless it’s plants, seeds and garden gadgets – okay I have a weakness for kitchen gadgets too). Now bear in mind that I tend to wear my grubbys until they fall off my body, and since I spend most of my time around the house I’m almost always wearing grubbys, so  I don’t go shopping for clothes that often… plus when I do it’s often at the thrift store.

The other day however I’d just had it (most of my grubbys are more rags than clothes and, apparently somewhere along the line I lost some weight so, the ones that aren’t are falling off) so I did something I hardly ever do and I went to Target. My hope was to find a couple of pairs of longish shorts and maybe a comfy pair of trousers I could step out of the house in. I was quite please to find a couple of pairs of nice long shorts, and a couple of pairs of cropped bottoms that went just below the knees instead of mid-calf (because mid-calf is such a great place for to trousers to hit the leg – talk about cutting you off at the knees!). Where I really struck gold though was when I went to find a pair of shorts to sleep in.

I found these:

Gilligan & OMalley® Womens Fluid Knit Bermuda

Forget sleeping in these! These are perfect for wearing in the garden – super comfy, loose, flowing, airy and they extend past the knees so that when you do kneel down you don’t get knees full of grit. I’m going to buy several more pairs and live in these until the cool weather comes our way again.

2 responses to “Forget Invention, Necessity is the Mother of Improvisation!

  1. I need these pants!!