I Feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty…

Happy Earth Day everyone! As you can see I’m making a progress (slowly but surely) in reclaiming my garden.

Taming the Jungle

I Fought the Rubble and I Won!

View From the Garden

I have all of my squash and melons planted, I’m starting to get peas, I pulled all my onions and garlic over the past couple of days (a lot of that will be replanted but I needed to reorg the beds), most of my tomatoes, eggplant, tomatillos and ground cherries are in, as well as some okra and basil. Now I need to tackle my getting peppers in and then finding homes for all my left over seedlings (any takers?). I’m hoping they will find good homes at the plant swap I’m attending next week. The problem with the plant swap though is that I’ll end up coming home with as many/more plants than I took with me!

It hasn’t all been dirt under my nails though. Earlier in the month I felt compelled to add a little more art to the garden.

The first thing I found was this Witch Cowboy Boot Barbed Wire Birdhouse With Whisk Broom by Dan Towell. I featured some of Dan’s work in my “buy it or make it” post a couple of months back – he did the barbed wire trellis – but I didn’t realize it was the same artist until I found this little piece.  Anyway, I love this piece – it’s just so quirky and so perfect for a Texas garden.

This is the artist's picture which I think shows the detail a bit better.

Then, while in Santa Fe, we found this fellow. MrGF and I have been looking for a Green Man for our garden for years, but never found one that resonated with us (they either felt too severe or too jolly), but the minute we saw him we knew we’d finally found our man — he’s got a timeless quality about him. I have to say the picture doesn’t do him justice, in person he has leaves and vines etched into his hair and beard. He also happens to remind me of a dear friend who I don’t get to visit nearly often enough. Right now our man is in his temporary home sitting out in the dappled shade, among the flowers, listening to the birds sing and watching over my newly planted herbs and vegetables.

Finally, if you’ve been to Santa Fe you know that Saint Francis is beloved there. Now I give “lapsed Catholic” a whole new meaning, but I’ve always been fond of ol’ Frankie (it’s that whole talking to the animals, patron saint of the environment thing) and I was really drawn to this representation of him, so he’s found a little place in my garden as well.

P.S. MrGF has been playing with the new camera so there will be updated pics of “the cast of characters” soon.

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