Valuable information from Hortophile. I’ve already been battling the aphids here, so you may want to go out and check your plants before they become a plague on your house(plants).

Hortophile - My New Garden

Every new season brings a parade of irate customers into the garden centre clutching little baggies, jars and plastic containers full of infested and diseased plant bits.  By far the most common insect we see is aphids.  Green aphids, black aphids, red, bronze and purple aphids – they come in many colours!  I thought I’d share my favourite method to control aphids with you now, before these common insects (sometimes called plant lice) really get going in your garden.

When temperatures are warm enough, the first generation of aphids hatch out – all female and ready to reproduce at a truly terrifying rate.  The result of this fecundity is a population explosion that puts bunnies to shame…

Most years this occurs during June around here, but a mild spring will invoke earlier invasions, and of course the aphids have been in your trees, feeding and reproducing for a few weeks…

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