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That’s me, the tightwad gardener. It’s not that I don’t spend some treasure on plants and garden stuff, because I do. It’s that the garden is of a size and diversity now after eleven plus years of blood, sweat, tears and broken fingernails that there are other options besides buying when it comes to adding to the zoo or sprucing up the hardscape. (Above shot taken May 1, 2011.)

Use, reuse and reuse again and again and again can be spoken of rocks and stones. The original stone purchase for the front facade of the addition, read about it here, yielded mass quantities of overages due to my husband, The Financier’s calculations. In truth, we both agreed that too much stone was better than not enough. Many were used for the rebuilding of the pond for the umpteenth time. Many were taken away to the North Carolina garden of…

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